By the ripe old age of 4, Sean was high-stepping into his father’s boot tracks through the knee-deep snow in the big woods of NW Wisconsin during Wisconsin’s 9 day Thanksgiving-week gun season, dreaming of someday chasing whitetails with his own rifle and maybe, just maybe, even guiding western big game in the legendary Rocky Mountains. Sean’s fire for chasin’ creation burns hot. His childhood reading material wasn’t children’s books, it was Outdoor Life and Field & Stream. Hunting lives in his bones. In recent years, Sean has had the opportunity to fulfill his  childhood dream of western big game guiding, tag-teaming with his brother in-law, Kees Stolarczyk, on the V7 ranch in Northern New Mexico. Sean thrives on the expanse of the west, it’s challenging terrain, it’s unpredictable weather patterns, the regal wildlife, the isolation and solitude. In the words of Teddy Roosevelt, “It’s lonely freedom”. As Sean describes; “Chasin’ creation is a soulful adventure. One that every person yearns for in their deepest recesses, a yearning that is nearly impossible to convey with words merely. The awe and splendor of Creation, and a God who could design and create it all for us to experience His majesty as well as explore and enjoy, contrasted by the balancing challenge of a very real, raw, earthly struggle of life vs death. Who gets to fight another day? Matching wits with crafty beasts on their terms, on their home turf; in the deafeningly quiet and naked wilderness. Adventure awaits. Yet so does the invaluable, inescapable and, nearly palpable, introspection. You can hear your thoughts. You can’t hide from yourself out here. What am I here for? What is the value of my life’s contribution? Am I using the gifts God has given me to their greatest potential? To bless others? Or myself? To bring glory to Him? Or myself? The struggle with the flesh is real and it takes a decision every morning to fix my focus.” Sean lives out his passion for guiding hunters for elk, mule deer, pronghorn and Merriam’s turkey in the peaks and plains of Northern New Mexico. Sean also enjoys the ability for his wife and 3 boys to
be involved.