matt-postellMatt Postell is home grown from Gaston County and graduated from Hunter Huss High School. He played baseball at Hunter Huss for 3 years and played for Legion Post 23 where he and Jeff Bryant became great friends. He was fortunate enough to attend NC State where he played baseball as a starter for 4 years. During his college years, his passion for the outdoors became prevalent in his life. He was introduced to the world of duck hunting by a couple of his teammates, Brad Peircy and Brent Jones, and to this day they can still recall the first mallards that Matt was able to call in and take without the help of another caller. Deer and turkey hunting have taken a back seat to waterfowl but he still enjoys the stillness of being in a tree stand and the adrenaline rush of hearing a gobble.

Matt had an opportunity to play baseball for the Florida Marlins for 4 years and after that he made one of the best choices of life, which was getting married to his wife Cortney. They currently have one daughter, Camille, to which she is a blessing beyond what they could have ever imagined.

About 2 years ago, he and Jeff Bryant were talking about videoing hunts and Jeff asked Matt if he could edit video. Matt told Jeff that he could do some video editing, but had only done some basic videos for personal use, family events, and small videos of his daughter. A few months went by and they got together again and Jeff gave Matt some footage to edit and the rest was history. Matt hasn’t taken any courses on editing or TV production but just had a lot of help along the way.

Nothing that has been done so far with Chasin Creation could have been possible without having a relationship with Jesus Christ. He has and still does help Matt and the entire Chasin Creation team through so many challenges in regards to the show and of course life (1Cor 10:13). Christian friends and family that pray with you and for you is what Matt has been blessed with and he hopes the same is for you. God bless!