Jeff is known for his childlike excitement while chasin many types of creation but introducing new comers and children to the Chasin really gets his heart-a-racin! Growing up in Gastonia, NC, just 20 miles away from downtown Charlotte, Jeff has developed some wonderful passions. First and foremost he is so blessed to have experienced the greatest gift a man could ever receive. This gift, which is salvation through Jesus Christ, ultimately brings Jeff true joy. He can tell you first hand Jesus is a friend that sticks closer than a brother and he’ll never let you down. Jeff is thankful to all his family, friends, and Church for instilling this greatest passion in him. It goes hand-in-hand with God’s great outdoors and Jeff’s passion to experience it and share it with others. When Chasin Creation, as he likes to call it, creation can be seen with a 360-degree view. Spending most of his hunting time as a young teenager being led around the fall deer woods of York County, SC by his dad Greg, the story now comes full circle for Jeff. The still-youthful father now follows Jeff and Nicole around Chasin Creation with the next generation.

Nicole Bryant grew up at the gateway to Yosemite National Park, and her love for the outdoors was born in the hills of California. After being hunted down by Carolina Boy Jeff Bryant, she fell prey and is now a Carolina Girl. Although now a Carolina kid, she’s most proud of her Christian heritage and to be called a King’s Kid. The Lord is her everything and she’s learned if she puts him first, he works out all the details of life. Serving God and teaching children is her passion, and monster bucks and all of creation is what she’s chasin. Jeff says for Nicole that killing ain’t everything, it’s the only thing! She likes it best when something hits the ground, so Jeff says she’s not a hunter but a killer. Keep up with her here on Chasin Creation and you make the call.