S1E3 CTO Moment

Jeff & Nicole join up with Mike Propst as they are headed out to get Corey Cloninger’s first mature long beard turkey. The excitement of the hunt and what was to follow is priceless. For more information visit...

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Walk On Archery ATA Video

If you are looking for an affordable and extremely durable target for your bro or cross bow then Walk On Archery has the target(s) for you. We have yet to punch through and lose any of our hard hitting Easton FMJ arrows and...

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North Star

This is a quick video to help those of us that are directionally challenged. This cool time-lapse shows you the importance of learning a few basic constellations in the night sky to help you find your way if you ever get...

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High Cotton Classic

If you want to have a great time while supporting a great cause and work on your wing shooting skills then the High Cotton Classic is for you. Matt, Greg Jason and Chris got a chance to enjoy this event and this video is a brief...

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Scouting and Drones

Here is a quick video with a lot of subtle tips that you can look for when you are scouting on your properties this year. Matt tells you just how he found what he is calling “Rub Ridge” and what he thinks will be his...

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